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gorgeous morning with 63 here in town. for the barbecue later on, happy labor day, it will be sunny and highs 80 to 85. going to the nats game an the football game up in baltimore, the terrapins. anything you plan to do outside, just don't forget the traffic -- forget the sun screen. here's the traffic. we have one problem in the district. new hampshire avenue and ohio avenue in northwest. an accident investigation will keep that area shut down for a while this morning. moving over to 3 t 5 northbound -- 395 northbound in virginia. looking good from et cetera toll the 14th street bridge. 66 eastbound out of centreville. no issues making your way past route 50 to the beltway. 270 southbound looks good here at 109 to the split. no problems as it is wide open. also want to remind drivers,
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hov restrictions have been lifted today except for route 50. if coming back from the beaches or across the bay bridge, be prepared for that. that's in affect. 66 and 95 is clear. and 95 bw parkway no problems this morning. some employees at virginia's department of motor vehicles will be at work this labor day holiday. they are racking up the poll day pay to clear a backlog that was created during the computer system meltdown. kristin fisher is live in alexandria. and i don't see any lines yet. >> no lines yet. and i highly doubt a trip to the dmv is how most people like to spend their labor day holiday but if you are affected by last week's computer blackout, then, you know, this may not be a bad idea. this dmv location in alexandria is one of 14 locations in the state that will be open today,
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labor day. some orlocations include leesburg, woodbridge and fair oaks. the alexandria leesburg woodbridge will be open today. these extended hours will be in affect next weekend, as well. they are trying to dig out of a massive backlog of driver's license transactions after the statewide computer system crashed for an entire week. the governor is calling it an unpress denned failure and apologized for the inconvenience to virginia's dmv customers and its employees. >> i'm not happy about it. it has been a real disruption to employees and citizens. they have been working 24 hours a day with a team of northrop grumman employees to get it done. i have ordered a thorough review to find out what happened. >> reporter: northrop grumman is the company that he state
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contracted to deal with these computer system issues and we know they will pay for the third party review after this is said and done to determine what went wrong because this is most likely one of the largest computer system failures that has ever happened of this kind, especially in the state of virginia. so this is certainly not an ideal situation for dmv employees what wanted to enjoy the labor day, not laboring away at the dmv but the state, the governor an all of the customers afced by the blackout are grateful they will be here today. >> thank you, kristin. phony campaign brochures surface in prince georges county. the discovery is just over a week before the maryland primary election. those phony brochures imply some candidates are endorsed by state and local leaders.
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>> this one shows i'm endorsed by senator muse. and this is another one that shows senator muse but he does not support the candidates on the ballot. >> the maryland attorney general says his office will investigate complaints about the deceptive campaign literature. police in anne arundel county are investigating a drowning in a family swimming pool. a family member pulled a 2-year- old boy out of the pool yesterday, but he could not be revived t. it happened in pasadena. the boy was from -- pro announced dead at the hospital. his name has not been released.
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she became known for helping others. the shrine of the immaclation conception held a mass to honor mother teresa on the 13th anniversary of her death. an the postal service unveiled a postage a stamp. the nun founded the mission tears of charity in calcutta, crane becoming an advocate for the poor. time for our latest living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with a look ahead on wall street. >> that's right. wall street is closed today but we can say it has been a month of septembers so far. investors are hoping to keep the rally going when they get back to business tomorrow. stocks surged on the latest jobs report that showed even though the unemployment rate rose 209.6% the private companies are hiring again. nasdaq jumped by 33 an the s&p climbed by 14. this week the white house
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is expected to unveil a new plan to give the economy a boost. on wednesday, president obama will reportedly lay out a proposal that includes prime ministerially extending a tax credit for business, research and development costs. that proposal will cost $100 billion and will be paid for by closing other corporate tax breaks. football season always means big business and now restaurants and bars are cashing in on the fast fantasy world. many places are offering free food to gift cards to lure fans for the parties. there fans can choose favorite players to make up the ultimate fantasy team. a good way to make some money and have fun. >> i know brittany morehouse is a huge fan. they say it is like your own reality tv show. >> now you can go to restaurants an get some free stuff. >> win-win situation to me. we are looking at brown bagging an doing the numbers to figure out how much money it
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could save you. >> sounds yum yummy. coming up, don't forget a holiday closure for those that take the metro rail. five stations on the red line are closed including tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wreathen and glenmont. crews are performing track maintenance and replacing switches. metro is providing bus service from the closed stations but customers should expect delays of 40 minutes. police are growing more concerned about a string of robberies an the university of maryland. for the third time in recent weeks a group of robbers attacked a student. prince georges county police say it happened early yesterday when four men robbed a student walking along hartwick road near princeton avenue in college park. one of the suspects tackled the victim, while another grabbed his wallet. some students are worried. >> i'm over it at this point because i feel like i keep myself safe and the university helps us out by giving us
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alerts and things like that. >> it is frightening to know that if i come and visit, you know, those things may be going on and that's kind of frightening as a young female. >> the police department does its best and i know umd police can does its best but it will still happen people need to be vigilant an be aware of their surroundings. even if you are intoxicated you are you have to be aware that something like that can happen to you. >> the latest robbery is after a similar incident on august 27th when three students were robbed as they got in to a car. one was assaulted at an off campus bus stop. after the first month trapped underground we have a better idea when the miners in chile will be recaused. and seven people are recovering after spending a day floating in the atlantic ocean before their rescuers arrived. an a key piece of the puzzle to solving what happened in the gulf of mexico oil rig explosion has been brought to
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the surface. stay with there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children. a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager.
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do we want to go back to that? in the news now, seven people including three children are recovering after being rescued by the coast guard. the group spent 20 hours in the water off of the coast of south carolina after their boat sank on saturday. a rescue helicopter spotted them yesterday morning just before the search was to be called off. government officials in chile now say they hope to reach the 33 trapped miners by early november. a tunnel in the copper mine collapsed a month ago. all the miners reached a shelter a half mile underground. small holes to send supplies are operating but the drilling of an escape tunnel will take much longer. federal investigators have their hands on a blowout preventer that failed to stop the flow of oil.
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they completed think process of raising the preventer from the ocean floor to the surface. engineers at nasa's facility will examine the device. the cleanup is underway after a powerful weekend earthquake in the south pacific. and things are starting to get back to normal along the mid- atlantic coast after hurricane earl. how's the weather here? let's go to howard. >> a great weekend and the weather will roll on a little longer. we will let you know what to expect the rest of the cance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. week
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. a rescue operation in underway in guatemala after a deadly mudslide. it happened following torrential rainstorms an covered part of a highway. emergency workers recovered 17 bodies was dozens more are still missing. today troops in new zealand have fanned out around the city center of christ church. that's the area with the most damage after saturday's magnitude 7.1 earthquake. no one was killed but hundreds of buildings are damaged and a state of emergency is in affect until wednesday. today, businesses and beach goers in north carolina will try to salvage the final day of the long holiday weekend. the rip tides from hurricane earl have subsided enough that people are getting back in the ocean. although life guards are still
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urging swimmers to be cash. i saw some reports out of ocean city and the life guards say, man, it is really giving them a run for the money and it was exhausting getting in the ocean to help people out. >> hundreds of rescues last weekend with hurricane earl. but this morning it is smooth sailing. a great labor day in store for you. whether you are going to the pool. a lot of pools final day. they are closing down. the dog swim at our pool at 6:00. >> take pictures. >> i don't think we are bringing the dog. i don't think she will like that. thionates are at home and navy and the terps are in baltimore. >> the greenbelt festival. so many things out there. >> weather will be great for it. get you going on this chilly morning. 83 in town. some areas in the 40sin the shenandoah valley. western maryland and west virginia. we will be approaching the upper 70s to 80 at noon.
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5:00, 82. top off 83, 84, 85 this afternoon and code green aerial. couldn't have a better day for you. mainly clear, comfortably cool. 50s and 60s on the. the sunset 7:31. tuesday, sunny and warmer. could be breezy at times as winds get out of the south at didn't to 15 miles an hour. there's the 40s to the north and west. mid-40s cumberland to williamsport. 50s in atlantic city. ocean city 53. southern maryland 63. annapolis down to 66. there's the 40s from martins before and petersburg and stanton in the shenandoah valley and fredericksburg 55. and tappahannock 55 very nice degrees for you. 63 national. dew point we have lost one more. the air is really dry at 49 with a relative humidity of 16% and a light northeasterly wind at six miles an hour.
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nationally it is pretty quiet in the central and eastern part of the country. a lot of showers across the great lakes to the northern plains. yellowstone, montana 25 degrees right now. the western gulf of mexico, this is flared up in the last 12 to 15 hours. this is tropical storm hermine. i found the center of the storm farther north. the 5:00 advisory was further north than this. it has taken the track closer to brownsville. we have tropical storm warning from mexico up to south texas. this will be a tropical storm bringing rains and a little wind to parts of south texas, san antonio and austin getting a little rain the next couple of days. i will look it up an tell you. let's go. seven-day forecast, today 83. 88 tomorrow. 90ish on wednesday. wednesday could see a late shower with a front that will cool us to the upper 70s by
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thursday. it is 5:18. kris sneed is watching the traffic this morning. >> reporter: good morning, howard. good news. new hampshire avenue and missouri avenue has been reopened. move over to 95 in virginia. going northbound from dumfries to the mixing bowl. looking good there. going to the graphic. inner and outer loop, no problems. nothing but green cars there. moving on, heading in to the district, across the sousa bridge this morning. you can see we have a wide open commute if you are heading in to dc. everything is looking good. outer loop in maryland, no problems from 95 to 260. clear commute there and finally fly 50 westbound. if you are coming from the bay bridge through bowie to the beltway, no problems. hov is still in affect on route 50 in maryland but clear on other roads. >> good reminder. the first weekend of college football is not over yet. we will preview tonight's games involving three teams in the
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region coming up next in sports. but first let's see who's celebrating a birthday chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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soon enough all the conjecture of what the redskins might be, will be will go away. the regular season starts soon enough. the games mare an we will find out how good the redskins will be. no better measuring stick than the cowboys because like it or not they are a super bowl contender. shanahan is confident that mcnabb will be ready to go. on his weekly coaches show, he said he should be ready to practice fully soon. he injured his rank until the preseason game and hasn't played since. you want to have your best 53 in there. the boys against the boys and mcnabb is definitely part of that. in his 1 -- 11 year career he has a winning record.
5:23 am
big day of college football. college football here we come. maryland an navy renew the state rivalry today when they kick off in baltimore at 4:00. they last met in 2003 but only played once since the lyndon johnson administration. program seems to be going in the opposite direction. maryland lost ten games last season. navy won ten. never nevertheless there is excitement to see them again. >> can't go anywhere without somebody mentioning the navy game. excited about the type of football we have here. two strong good universities going against each other. we are excited and they are too. playing at ravens stadium an
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the rivalry, it adds demention it to. it will be a good game. >> reporter: virginia tech and boise state play at 7:00. this has national championship implications written all over it. a heavy dose of beamer ball with this one. ryan williams who hails from manassas and special teams have a lot on the line an the hokies know it. >> that's why they come to virginia tech to play in games lake. this they have a national audience fist ball game. a very enthusiastic stadium and i think our kids like it and that's why they come to virginia tech. >> that's a look at sports. have a great day, everybody. more sports news now, the nationals have a few more hours to enjoy awaits win over pittsburgh. in the top of the fourth, michael morris goes to the opposite field to move to runners up. washington went on to score for that inning and win 8-1 outscoring the pirates 17-3 in
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the series. the nationals hosted three game series against the mets starting this afternoon. and in golf today is the final round of the deutsche bank open. tiger is putting decent rounds together as he tries to make the fedex cup playoffs woods is minor seven for the tournament. that is ten shots behind the leader jason day who shot 66 in sunday's third round. thousands of area voters will spend their labor day casting ballots. that story is coming up. president obama heads out on the campaign trail hoping to convince americans to keep the democrats in power on captiol hill. an as many people take the day off, some government dmv offices, which are normally closed are staying open. we will have the latest. but first check on the roads with kris. >> a quick fly of the dulles toll road as you make your wayne from hunter mill to road seven. no issues to report out there. it is 5:26 and 63 degrees
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outside. 9 news now will return after these messages. this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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this is power with efficiency. this is an interior that exceeds even the promise of the exterior. this is the all-new jaguar xj. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
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while most government workers have the labor day off, that is not the case for some workers. happy labor day. ron roan will be joining us once again tomorrow. seems like she's been off forever. kris sneed is standing by with the traffic in a moment but first howard bernstein has the weather in a word -- >> greatment. >> that's all you need to know. >> it will be cool this morning an wonderful this afternoon. warm andrei. humidity levels are in check an whatever your plans are and i know there is a lot going on today it will be fine weather wise. had a front come through last week an the weekend was sweet. wife set a record for herself on the 5 k on saturday morning and now we are looking at clear
5:30 am
skies with temperatures in the 80s in western maryland even martinsburg. they are in the 40s. 63 in town. easton a very cool 55. 79 approaching noon. and 5:00 p.m. temperature 82. code green air quality. don't forget the sun screen. can still get a burn this time of the year. kris sneed, much to tell us? >> not at all. it is clear, clear, clear. a reminder, all hov restrictions have been lifted on 270, 66, 395, 95 in virginia an except route a 0 where they are still in affect and always in affect. start off 270 southbound looks good father hurley to the split. moving to route 4, rout 5, 301, no issues out here. in to virginia, 395 northbound, slow down around duke to seminary right now but everything is all clear from here to the 14th street bridge.
5:31 am
and finally 86 eastbound -- 66 eastbound looks good from to the beltway. some employees at the virginia department of motor vehicles will be at work this labor day holiday. it is part of the plan to undo the damage from the computer system meltdown. kristin fisher is live in alexandria with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, angie. well, this dmv location in alexandria is one of 14 locations across the state that will be open this labor day to help virginia's dmv dig out of this massive backlog after these recent computer failures. keep in mind for 11 days the virginia dmv could not issue driver's license tore i.d. cards and the problems affected 25 state agencies under the department of taxation an department of social services and meant delays for people trying to file taxes, get welfare checks and for those thousands of people trying to
5:32 am
renew their license. virginia governor mcdonnell extend expired licenses for 20 days and called for an independent review, paid for by the company that was contracted to handle the state's computer issues, northrop grumman. >> it is an unprecedented failure of a part from within of the subcontractors that apparently has never failed anywhere in any system in the country. they got the hardware fixed very promptly, but there was a lot of corrupted data, especially in our big agencies like the department of taxation and department of motor vehicles. >> reporter: the state an northrop grumman are taking steps to try to make it right this is one of 14 locations open this labor day. others include lees bridge and
5:33 am
fair oaks. fair oaks location will be open 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. if you are one the people who doesn't want to spend your holiday at the dmv, don't worry. today would be a great day. probably not a ton of lines but don't worry the next weekend the same locations will be offering extended hours to deal with the backlog if you don't want to make it out today, don't worry you have think rest of the week and next weekend to get in an renew your license, get a new one, whatever you need to do because this affected thousands of people living in virginia. back to you. >> they pacific busy all week for sure. buried up to his neck when a trench collapsed. this morning a man is fighting for his life. his co-workers tried to help rescue him. it happened yesterday in capital heights, maryland. the man was trying to fix a pipe six feet under the ground when the trench gave way. fire and rescue rushed to free
5:34 am
the man and rushed him to the hospital. federal investigators are looking in to how it happened. turning to campaign 2010, thousands of vote necessary the district could be casting their ballots this labor day holiday. 3300 people took advantage of early voting on saturday, an today the early voting centers will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. officials say, so far wait times have not exceeded 15 minutes at any location. the primary election is a week from tomorrow. voters in maryland can also cast ballots today. early vetting centers will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. maryland's early voting period runs through this thursday and the free state's primaries are on september 14th. you can check on the locations for early voting in maryland and the district anytime by logging on to just check under the 9 news now extra headings on our home page. this week, president obama is hitting the road to campaign
5:35 am
for democrats and his push -- and push his plans to improve the economy he will try to convince voter the move he's championed are helping to pull the country out of a recession. the tour will start today in milwaukee, wisconsin ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> to heal our economy, we need more than healthy stock market. we need bustling main streets and a growing thriving middle class. >> from a republican point of view we need to bring checks and balance an tell the american people if we get in control we will check the obama agenda that has no limits. >> reporter: democrats are in danger of losing many seats an possibly control of congress to the republicans. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a change for craigslist. >> that's right. craigslist decided to shut down its adult services section. this is a section that gets a lot of attention. it is a week after a group of states attorney general said
5:36 am
there weren't enough protections in place by craigslist to to block ads promoting prostitution. craigs lest instituted a screening system, each ad was reviewed by a lawyer with complains with the law before it was posted. if you go to the site now you will rewill see it is replaced with the word censored. how do you get penny pinchers to spend these days, sell products that promise to save them money. retailers are stocking up on these products an you may see them in stores like wal-mart an the container store. it is time for the money saver. most people don't bring their lunch to work every day. but say you head to a restaurant and send $7 a day on your lunch, this simple lifestyle change can trim $140 off of your monthly dining out budget. the pbjs could save you $1,600
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a year. for more advice, check out the it's a lot of savings with a really easy change. >> now you can do it in a trendy way. all the new cool lunchboxes. great tips there. >> the so-called black widow of eating contest has done it again. sonya thomas ate 18 odjicken wings in 12 minutes. in yesterday's competition in puff low new york, the 43-year- old alexandria resident was hungry after the contest so the ate another 20 hot wings. one of the best fund- raisers to help sick children is underway. the story is coming. plus, a fiery end to a weekend celebration of self explosion. a heads up, canal road an clara barton highway is two-way
5:38 am
traffic. be prepared for that. we will have information coming up after the break.
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a suicide attack killing apolicemen in pakistan. the 45th annual muscular distrophy telethon is underway. the host jerry lewis is 84 years old an sitting down for most of the even. the fund-raiser started at 9:00 last night and runs until 9:00 tonight. authorities estimate more than 50,000 people attended the annual burning manifest value in the nevada desert. the celebration of self expression ends with the torching of the 40-foot tall effigy. this year it is believed police
5:41 am
made few, if any, arrests. dc mayor fenty and his wife talk about his tough race for re-election. and the holiday weekend has ban treat so far. can you keep it that way? >> we can keep it going a while longer. fur out early, grab a jacket. it is cool. we will look at current temperatures an let you know how nice it will be later this afternoon when we return. you are watching 9 news now. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does.
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our crews found a bunch of people last night out an most we spoke with were not out of town but welcomals taking advantage of this cooler temperatures. >> we are loving it. we live here an came out to look at the sunset and it is
5:45 am
beautiful. somebody tried to give us a tour like we were tourists and we said no thanks. >> we saw couples enjoying quiet time to screaming girls attending a friend's birthday celebration. look, armando trull even taking part in the festivities there. >> great day. out yesterday afternoon. friends had us throwing the football around,en joying. >> hopefully not too rough. >> they can handle it. they were boys. >> i was telling my mom, this is my favorite weather. an she she goes this is everyone's favorite kind of weather. >> things always change in the weather world an some changes are coming as we head to the next couple of days. it will warm up and cool down and if we are lucky get lain because we need it. 80 to 85 will do it. 82 at 5:00 p.m. and code green aerial. right now a gorgeous 63 in
5:46 am
town. clear and cool tonight. south winds at five. been happy to turn off the air conditioner at my house. it has been buzzing all summer long. south winds at 10 to 15 miles an hour. look at the dry air. the yellow an brown. dew points dropped in the 30s. locally we have 40s out west. in the shenandoah valley, martinsburg 48. winchester is 51. 63 in southern maryland. 55 easton and cambridge. annapolis enjoying the grand jurious monday morning 886 --
5:47 am
66 66. we are watching a couple of systems in in the northern u.s. you can see how they are moving due east here an they will stay north of 70. in the gulf of mexico it is a new tropical storm. this is tropical storm hermine. it is somewhere around here. is not terribly good organization here but big time thunderstorms this the gulf of mexico. hurricane center classified it as winds 40 miles an hour. watch the track because it takes it close to south texas winds 80 miles an hour by tuesday morning. coming on shore. that rainfall will move in to texas as the storm weakens to a depression the next couple of days. south texas padre island, that is where they have warnings for tropical storm conditions. could get more wind out of this
5:48 am
than what earl did for many on the east code. 83 on this gorgeous labor day. could be a shower with a front on wednesday afternoon but cooler on thursday and next weekend, mid-80s with a chance of showers likely saturday night. kris sneed is in the traffic center this morning. >> thank you, howard. one issue to report. right now on the american legion on the inner loop you can see the left side of the screen, a disabled is blocking the left lane. police are on the scene and it should be cleared out shortly. going to the topside of maryland, from 95 to 270 no problems and volume light right now. heading to the graphics, 95 and the bw parkway if you are making your way out of baltimore from 32 past 198 to the beltway. nothing but a clear commute. inbound new york avenue is looking good from the times building to the third street tunnel. no issues to report out there. an 395 northbound no issues from duke to the 14th street
5:49 am
bridge. the two leading candidates for mayor in the district are sitting down with 9 news now this week. mayor fenty and vincent gray have agreed to interviews in their homes. bruce johnson started with the fentys on sunday and for the first a time mrs. fenty addresses rumors of their marriage an hue they have hurt their campaign. >> everything he has ever done is for his commune. this is his community. >> reporter: that was michelle fenty as she was pulled in to her husband's interview following a debate with vincent gray. >> the 40-year-old's mother of three had been invisible on the campaign stage as mayor fenty was being pommed by critics and the pollster in i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjectives that are absolutely shocking. >> arrogant, stubborn. >> absolutely. it is very painful.
5:50 am
>> the fenty home in ward four where many say the primary will be decided, michelle fenty moved front and center in the campaign. >> i'd like to say something. when it, it was heart breaking to think there was so many people in this city n his city, the city he was born and raised in, that feel that he is disconnected from the issues. >> reporter: for the first time michelle fenty addressed unsubstantiated rumors about the marriage. >> you have heard the rumors about the two of you and your relationship. do you want to speak about that? >> i think the manufactured misconceptions an the cruel way that people have made up the most bizarre things about us is so -- it's just shocking to me the cruelty. it is what is really difficult. and that's what i find hard
5:51 am
because it affects my children. >> this is your guy, you are behind him 100%. always been there. no problems that sort of thing. >> slaughtly. >> absolutely. bruce will have a full verge of the indepth interview with mayor fenty and his wife michelle at 11:00. gray leads fenty by 17 points in the latest "washington post" poll. chair gray agreed to an interview. we will have it later this week. a northern virginia congressman whose seat is targeted by republicans is getting high profile help. former virginia governor tim kaine joined 11th district representative gerry connolly in fairfax. he is currently chairman of the democratic national committee an appeared part of a kickoff event. >> our economy is growing again. 20 months in a row private sector employment dropped in
5:52 am
2008. now we see increases in private sector employment because of the work that these guys have done. >> cane touted connelly and the democrats ability to improve the economy if they retain control of congress. connelly's opponent is republican keith fimian. we will have an update on the fox office race in entertainment news. and a lock at one restaurant owner's efforts to help high school athletes eat healthier energy the examiner, police make an arrest in a murder from last year. some of virginia's biggest school districts open tomorrow with more students and less money. the story is in the examiner.
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lineup. a.m. radio artist created live art murals with the use of vitamin water in their pain. the idea, create a venue for community painting. each piece is created around a different flavor and as good as everything looked tastings were not allowed. mark your calendar for thursday, more more than mallbeck, the story of argentine wine. it covers the fascinating history of wine making and the industry in south america.
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also highlighted will be the impact of argentine wine on the u.s. march today. the program is free and open the public. you can send in news where you live. visit my log oh my i will take your story ideas of course on facebook and twitter. one of the many luxuries of being a pro athlete is they feed you like a king but drop down a couple of levels to high school and nourishing athletes is often not part program. a local man is out to change that. >> reporter: before they attempt to break each other's spirit on the field, freedom and mount vernon high break bread, together. >> they love it. they love it. i mean when i first told these kids their pregame mean would be at outback they were
5:58 am
excited. you mean we are going to outback absolutely. >> one, two, three. >> reggie manages the outback in woodbridge. he an his staff provide every pregame meal for freedom and other schools in northern virginia. what's the big deal, you ask? what's the big deal, simple lack of funding prevents some schools for having organized meals before the games. >> what worries me about that is some kids may not eat. >> without fuel there is no way to operate at peak level. >> kids aren't going to come up and say i don't have anything to eat. >> reporter: that doesn't happen here, thanks to mcgee who serves up meals free of charge. >> the coach talked about a lot of things i really embraced taking part of the community. >> check out the menu, we never ate like this, chicken, pasta. looks good, huh? and just to clarify, no
5:59 am
bloomin' onions. >> 0 no. >> they take it a step further. their squads congregate together before facing off. >> we want our kids to know we show true sportsmanship. >> we take each other as family so we treat each other like we want to be treated. >> reporter: yep. in woodbridge, dave owens, 9 news now. you are watching 9 news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. kris sneed will have the traffic in a moment but first it is cool howard bernstein. here with a nice, refreshing forecast. >> great outside. some areas in the 40s this morning. that's feels like fall. however, summer is not dead yet and it will be back to 90ish by wednesday. showers are north of 70 between indianapolis and pittsburgh and a couple of them in south carolina. 40s

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